New GoSun portable solar cooker weighs 2 lbs, cooks a meal in 20 minutes

GoSun Go solar cooker
© GoSun

The $85 GoSun Go model is claimed to have an 80+% efficiency, and to work even in cloudy and cold conditions.

GoSun is no stranger to solar cooking, and its earlier models have been called "a revolutionary way to cook" and "absolutely brilliant" by Lloyd. Now the company is back with another iteration of its 'breakthrough' solar cooker design, and this time in a smaller format (but bigger than the Solar Dogger) that aims to set the standard for lightweight and portable solar cooking devices.

GoSun's Go model holds up to 14 ounces (420 ml) of food at a time, which is approximately one meal's worth for a single person, and can heat up to about 500° F in minutes for roasting, baking, or steaming, or for boiling water to sterilize it or to use for hot beverages. According to the company, because of its highly efficient design using double-walled vacuum tube technology and mirror-finish compound-parabolic reflectors, it only takes between 10-30 minutes to cook a meal in the Go solar cooker, as it can harvest an estimated 80% of the solar radiation hitting the unit.

"Our goal was to make a stove portable enough to take anywhere, with the power to boil water, at a price point that anyone could give GoSun a try." - Patrick Sherwin, GoSun Founder

Weighing in at just 2.15 lbs (0.975 kg) and measuring 14.17" long by 3.37" wide by 7" tall (36 by 8.57 by 17.78 cm) when closed, the Go model looks perfectly suited for backpacking, camping, and other activities where a lightweight stove would come in handy. It is enclosed in a rugged zippered "shock absorbing EVA foam" clamshell case (which doubles as the reflector) complete with a gear loop for securing it to a pack, and a kickstand bracket for positioning it at an optimal angle to the sun while in use.

Cooks In Clouds: GoSun's patented solar cooking technology absorbs a broad spectrum of radiation, including ultraviolet light, which can penetrate clouds when visible light can not. This means as long as you have a bit of sun, you're in business.

No Weather Too Cold: GoSun's Vacuum Tube is a near-perfect insulator, keeping the cold out and the heat in.

Always Cool To Touch: No fire hazard here. Perfect for cooking on boats or during a fire ban.

GoSun's previous successes with using crowdfunding to launch its other products has led it back to Kickstarter, where the Go cooker campaign is currently seeking backers to pre-order the units for delivery sometime in January of 2018. The price is right for this little solar cooker, as early birds can reserve units for as little as $85, which will come with a cleaning brush and a recipe booklet to help ease the transition for new users who want to get started cooking with the sun.

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