More Than Solar Cookers in Kenya


In past posts, we've covered the success story of solar cookers in Kenya, thanks to support and training from Solar Cookers International.

According to a recent piece in The Standard, one of Kenya's principal daily newspapers, other solar products are shining now, particularly water pumps and power packs for small-scale businesses in rural areas where electricity is scant.

"For irrigation in rural farms [where there is no electricity] to be systems are required," says J.V. Patel with the manufacturer Amedo.

Solar World East Africa is a company that's set to launch $45 solar kits or "power packs" which provide power for lighting, charging mobile phones and other small electronic items.

"Such systems are ideal for locations where the main electricity grid is unreliable or inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive," Dave Jayesh, managing director of Jua Moto Systems, told The Standard.A solar home lighting system, which Jua Moto is marketing, can serve as an invaluable source of power in remote places off the national grid, Jayesh adds. These include communication outposts, forest reserves, campsites, and rural communities among others. It can also be used as a stand-by source during frequent power outages. :: Via The Standard

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