Mirrored SunFlower Redirects Sunshine Where You Need It Most

Sunshine is a wonderful thing, but it does have some limitations. The north sides of buildings stay shady all year long (in the northern hemisphere), and any area that falls within the shadows of trees or other tall objects nearby will not have access to direct sunlight, which keeps them dim and gloomy. But a new solar-powered device, said to be the first affordable one of its kind for home use, may have the answer to that.

The SunFlower Home Heliostat is a stand-alone, easy to set up, and fully automatic way to direct sunlight where you need it the most - whether it's into a window, onto an icy sidewalk, or into a shady garden bed. The SunFlower reflects up to a half a meter of sunshine, and solar powered servos keep the focal point where you want it as the sun moves through the sky.

SunFlower Home HeliostatSunFlower Heliostat/Screen capture
According to the company, the SunFlower provides up to 500W of sun energy and up to 50,000 lumens of sunlight (the equivalent to fifty 60W bulbs), all for a one-time cost of about $400. The device does need a mounting pole, but that could be fabricated from your own materials.

Mirrored SunFlower Redirects Sunshine Where You Need It Most
This beautiful home heliostat can redirect sunshine right where you want it, lighting up the shady side of your house.

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