Million Solar Roofs Initiative in California

Yesterday, Akeena Solar released a white paper titled "The Economics of Solar Energy for California" to the public. It shows that the Million Solar Roofs initiative would save the state of California about 6.1 billion dollars. "Supported by Governor Schwarzenegger, the Million Solar Roofs Initiative is an ambitious plan to install 3,000 Megawatts of solar electric power on roofs throughout California by 2016." The bill is two votes away from being passed: "The 26th is the deadline for all fiscal bills to clear Appropriations Committee. If the bill clears Appropriations, it will head to the Assembly Floor where it must pass by the last day of session, September 9th." Come on, politicians! How can you be against that project?

::California to Save Over $6 Billion, ::California Million Solar Roofs Update