Merger Promises Solar Power At Fossil Prices


Thanks to a merger, a New Jersey company hopes to be able to provide solar power at prices competitive with traditional electricity without relying on rebates. WorldWater & Power intends to acquire Entech, a manufacturer of concentrating solar photovoltaic technology. Entech has developed concentrator solar power systems, supplied solar power for space missions for NASA and installed ground-based concentrating solar systems in North America.Entech's patented concentrator technology also allows for the installation of massive solar "farms" with reduced requirements for solar cell materials (silicon or multi-junction) and, when used in conjunction with WorldWater & Power's technology, reduces the reliance on rebates or other incentives for economic installations.

Due to the advantages of Entech 's concentrator, only 5% of the amount of silicon used in flat plate solar modules is required by current Entech modules to generate the same electrical power. For example, 50 kilowatts of solar cells used in conventional flat plate solar modules generates one megawatt of electrical energy using the Entech modules. Entech concentrators utilize a two-axis tracker to follow the sun's position throughout the day, maximizing energy production.

"The pending acquisition of Entech, when completed, will give us unmatched solar concentrator applications," said Quentin T. Kelly, Chairman of WorldWater & Power Corp., "enabling us to compete on large-scale systems of one to 100 megawatts or more that can efficiently harness the sun's power for large industrial and municipal electricity supply."

:: Via UPI and Renewable Energy Access