LG Switches Plasma Panel Plant to Photovoltaic Production

LG TV R&D line photo

Photo via LG

What better use for a decommissioned factory that once made energy-sucking plasma display screens than making energy-generating solar photovoltaic panels. Talk about an awesome 180.

LG is investing $168 million in retooling the plant, and work will start next month. Read on for more info on exactly what to expect from the factory. Last year LG shut down the plasma display plant because of falling TV prices. But not to let a good space go to waste, they’re riding the wave of solar technology and quickly converting the plant to start producing solar panels.

LG will ready the plant with two solar fabrication lines, one starting in 2010 and one starting the following year. Both lines will have a capacity of 120 MW, and both will produce crystalline silicon solar cells and modules.

The venture isn’t without risk, considering crazy growth of cool solar production possibilities. But the more the merrier because it likely means getting solar to be a popular method of renewable power generation that goes beyond talk and pet projects.

Via Press Release via Earth2Tech
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