Largest Solar Array by an Electric Cooperative to be Installed in New Mexico

Solar Farm Array Bavaria.jpg

Image via: PowerTech - solar farm in Bavaria
Colfax County to be exact, and the array will include over 500,000 photovoltaic panels when it is finally operational and produce 30MW of solar electricity, reports MSNBC. Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association signed a contract with First Solar Inc to begin installing the system in April 2010.By August, at least part of the system will be operational, with the entire system going on line by the end of 2010. The array itself will be located on over 250 acres in Colfax County, near the towns of Springer and Cimmaron, New Mexico. The electricity produced from the array will be enough to power 9,000 homes and the installation will provide up to 140 jobs for technicians and installers.

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