Israel Launches Gigantic 5MW Solar Field (Video)


Image credit: AravaPower

From a 100MW solar farm in the French Alps through Google's investments in utility-scale solar in Nevada, industrial-sized solar power plants are springing up across the Globe. Now the Israelis are getting in on the act, launching the nation's first 5MW solar field at Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava Valley. And if the video below is anything to go by, they're pretty excited about it.

Given Israel's ambitious plans for electric cars, not to mention the country's sunny location, it only makes sense that they are looking to ramp up renewable energy production in a big way. The official launch of the power plant is set for this Sunday the 5th, with several members of Knesset attending, as well as entertainment from musical guest Shyne.

The development, headed up by Arava Power, has drawn a lot of interest from Israeli press, with David Rosenblatt, vice chairman and co-founder of Arava telling Israel National News that the solar field will "change the face of the energy sector in the country."
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