Is It OK to Ask for Solar Panels as a Wedding Gift?

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With the royal wedding gift list including donations to green charities, you'd be forgiven for thinking that alternative giving was acceptable these days. But one reader over at The Guardian is concerned that her daughter may be being too unconventional in asking for solar panels as a wedding gift:

My daughter is getting married next summer, and instead of a conventional wedding list would like to invite guests to contribute towards buying roof-top solar panels. Is it too unconventional to be acceptable? What other 'green gifts' would readers recommend?

I must confess that I am surprised this is even a concern. If couples can ask for cappucino throthers and ice cream makers, I don't see anything wrong with asking for contributions toward solar panels. In fact, in doing so they are doing us all a favor.

But we'll see what readers of The Guardian think. They plan to publish responses to the question on Saturday.

In the meantime, if you're looking for alternative gift ideas, why not check out the TreeHugger Gift Guide?

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