Investment in Solar Cells to Equal Semiconductors by 2010

Solar Cells

photo by Jørgen Schyberg

As if we didn't hit you every day with more evidence that the solar industry is booming...

Market research group iSuppli is reporting that worldwide investments in the production of solar cells will equal those for semiconductor manufacturing by 2010. Global production is expected to rise from 2007 levels of 3.5 GW to up to 12 GW in that time. Production lines capable of manufacturing 1 MW or more of PV cells will increase from the 90 to 100 which existed in 2007, to perhaps 400 by 2010. Factories capable of 1 GW of PV production annually also will be established in the future, the report says.
"The market for PV cells is estimated to grow by 40% annually until 2010, and 20% beyond," said Dr. Henning Wicht, an iSuppli analyst. He went on to say the heavy investments will be required to finance this production: "Each PV factory will require an investment of $500 million and more, will employ as many as 1,000 workers per site, and will generate annual revenue of $1 billion per year or more."

via :: Earth2Tech
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