International Solar Cookers Conference, 12-16 July, Spain.


Slowly but surely Spain is making use of its sunshine. After the making of 100 SOUL solar ovens, Terra Foundation together with the Solar Cookers International (SCI) are inviting you to the International Solar Cookers and Food Processing Conference in Granada (Spain), July 12th – 16th 2006. Online registration to participate is still available here but only until May 30th!
Solar Cookers Conferences have been held during the last 30 years with the last one in South Africa in 2000. It is their goal to share knowledge and form collaborations to widen the access to solar cooking, water purification and related solar food processing applications. The reason why solar cooking plays such an important role nowadays is that it reduces health and environmental hazards as well as growing fuel shortages related to traditional open fire cooking. In Granada this year, you’ll see or may share all the latest under the sun. :: International Solar Cookers Conference