Instant Solar: Modular Solar Arrays are Fully Assembled and Ready to Power Up on Delivery

For many solar power projects, a permanent installation and a custom design makes complete sense. But it's a complex process, and the entire project needs to be set up before you can get any power from it - it's not exactly plug 'n play. However, if you need temporary power on a jobsite, or a renewable energy install at a location which doesn't lend itself to most solar array mounting methods, SunPods might be the answer.

SunPods are factory-built solar arrays, pre-assembled and wired and ready to go almost from the moment it hits the ground on your location.

"Unlike conventional solar arrays which rely upon custom system designs that are assembled in the field, SunPods manufactures and delivers standardized solar arrays that are fully assembled, tested, and pre-wired in our factory – ready to power-up on delivery to the project site."

SunPods can be run as a single, standalone system, but because these solar arrays are modular, they can also easily be connected together in multi-unit arrays to scale up power generation to as big as a solar farm.

"Why is this different? Traditional ground-mount solar systems require custom engineering and design, site preparation, construction, and on-site assembly. These processes are inefficient, add unnecessary costs to finished systems, slow implementation times, and make solar more expensive than it needs to be. SunPods' standardized, factory-assembled solar arrays yield higher quality, more reliable solar systems that cost less to install and can be installed in a fraction of the time."

Find out more about SunPods at their website.

Instant Solar: Modular Solar Arrays are Fully Assembled and Ready to Power Up on Delivery
SunPods modular solar panel arrays cut installation time to a minimum and are ready to generate power in a flash.

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