India Thinks about Mandatory Solar Power for Offices


Some years ago there was a call for India's Delhi to make all billboard signage (see pic above) solar powered. Now moves are afoot for there to be a mandatory requirement for installation of solar panels on any office or major commercial space that has an area of 250 sq/m (300 sq/yds). This follows on from our story about the push for Delhi's traffic lights to become solar-powered LEDs. Delhi Power Department has proposed making solar heating and lighting in all commercial buildings drawn at least some of their energy from the sun. "What we are looking at initially is to make sure that the large commercial establishments such as five-star hotels, banquet halls, large kitchens and restaurants in the city switch to solar energy so that the power consumption for these particular establishments as well as for the city as a whole is brought down," said Rakesh Mehta, Principal Secretary (Power). Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy are the two main strands of the proposal. What a great move coming from one (if not, now wearing the mantle), of the most populated of all countries. via ::Delhi Newsline.