IKEA USA Installs 30,000 Sq Ft Solar Array. 11 More Planned.

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News that IKEA was buying a 12MW wind farm and installing 2MW of solar in the UK had some commenters wishing that other big box retailers would follow their lead. We have, of course, already seen some plans for distributed solar across big box rooftops—but whether or not IKEA's moves will spread the revolution remains to be seen. What is certain is that the Swedish furniture retailer is not just aiming its clean energy efforts at the UK. In fact Business Wire reports that, with eight solar projects already under its belt, IKEA just switched on a 30,000 square foot, 248 kW solar system on another California store. And it's planning 11 more both in California and the East Coast:

This investment by IKEA to purchase its own solar photovoltaic energy system and to install and operate it atop the Costa Mesa store will lower the carbon intensity of the electrical grid, and represents the ninth completed solar energy project for IKEA in the United States. There currently also are installations planned at three other IKEA locations in California as well as eight more in the Eastern U.S.

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