Ice Cream Cart Keeps Things Cold with Solar Power

We've been talking a lot about how to deal with the heat this month, including ways we can change our habits and design our lives to stay cool. Here's another tactic: eat ice cream. Especially ice cream delivered by a cart that uses solar power to charge its high efficiency AGM batteries.

Thought up by Dutch design firm Springtime (which brought us furniture made from old tomatoes and garbage), the "Sustainable ice-cream cart" uses two roof-mounted sets of photovoltaic panels to take advantage of the summer sun and keep the ice cream from melting.

The aluminum cart is made to be hitched to a car or truck (or even a bike!) . The design is a joint venture between Springtime, IJs en Zopie (a Dutch fair trade ice cream outfit) and food company Odenwald Organics.

Ice Cream Cart Keeps Things Cold with Solar Power
An ice cream cart uses solar panels to power its refrigeration unit.

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