Ice Cream Cart Keeps Things Cold with Solar Power

solar power ice cream cart© Springtime

We've been talking a lot about how to deal with the heat this month, including ways we can change our habits and design our lives to stay cool. Here's another tactic: eat ice cream. Especially ice cream delivered by a cart that uses solar power to charge its high efficiency AGM batteries.

solar power ice cream cart© Springtime

Thought up by Dutch design firm Springtime (which brought us furniture made from old tomatoes and garbage), the "Sustainable ice-cream cart" uses two roof-mounted sets of photovoltaic panels to take advantage of the summer sun and keep the ice cream from melting.

The aluminum cart is made to be hitched to a car or truck (or even a bike!) . The design is a joint venture between Springtime, IJs en Zopie (a Dutch fair trade ice cream outfit) and food company Odenwald Organics.

solar power ice cream cart© Springtime

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