I So Want A Hello Kitty Solar Charger

I mean I jst so wnt a hi Kitty sola Charger. It ltz me hlp save d world's NRG n hi Kitty fashiN! So w@ f it costs 2x as mch as a norml sola charger, it cn kip my ph chrgd n my ipod chrgd n its so cute!

teacha typz @ Triple Pundit sA "the people at Sanrio are introducing a concept into the worlds of our generation’s youth: renewables. The brands that already hold significance in young people’s lives are great vehicles to teach them about the environment and sustainability. However, whether this is a conscious effort by the makers of Hello Kitty to influence the way we consume products, or if this is a moment of clever PR work is hard to know for sure." WE dat means.

d nerds sA " I-Power is equipped with large 1200mAh Lithium battery. Also comes with LED to lighten up the environment, it is capable to provide the lighting for 48 hours straight." bt hu givs I wnt it::Triple Pundit

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