Huge Solar Roof at Akademie Mont-Cenis


The Akademie Mont-Cenis in Germany has a glass roof canopy that creates a "micro-climate" for the building's interior (see more photos here). The roof also features integrated solar cells that produce about 700,000 kWh of energy per year. It is said to be the largest PV installation on a single roof. The building's clever design means that the cells not only generate electricity but also act as a shading system. There's also an extensive shuttering system for ventilation control. See more photos after the jump...


The photovoltaics actually generate twice as much power as the building needs, and the surplus energy is used in nearby homes. The complex is built on a revitalized former coal mine, and methane from the mine is used for back-up power generation. See also this new post on the Solar Glass and Ventilation System of the building.