How to Build a DIY Solar Tracker (Video)

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Image credit: TheJabbaPoint
Solar trackers can get pretty huge, but they are not just for large-scale installations anymore. When I wrote about the increased popularity of solar trackers, many commenters noted that commercial models were often prohibitively expensive, and that it was relatively simple to build your own. I've just come across a great step-by-step video on how to do just that.
DIY Solar Tracker Optimizes Power Production
Created by Jabba Point Permakultur, this is apparently a larger version of a previously built system. Functioning simply by using two small solar cells connected to a motor that adjusts positioning depending on the amount of power the two smaller cells are producing, the system is designed to optimize the amount of solar energy falling on the main panels at any one time. The Jabba Point website includes a simple circuit diagram of the DIY solar tracker to illustrate the point.

Simple Instructions for Homemade Solar
For those who don't speak German, captions are available to walk you through the whole process. But this is about as measured, clear and detailed as online how-to videos get. True, you probably need a touch more practical prowess than your average English lazivore gardener, but I can dream.

Next up, plans to build an even bigger module capable of housing 6 solar cells. But, says Jabba Point, it may take a little while.

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