How Saving Energy at Work Can Light Up Africa With Solar (Video)

off on project installs solar in africa photo

Image credit: Wieden + Kennedy London

I already wrote about the Off-On program's efforts to turn energy savings in London into money for solar in Africa. We already know that solar can be a life saver in developing countries, and it can be a great boost for school performance too. We also know that saving energy can be one of the cheapest ways to cut carbon emissions and lower your own expenses. So combining the two is a stroke of genius. Now a new video demonstrates just how one company is turning lights off in the UK, and using that action to turn lights on in Nairobi. Let's hope the idea spreads. As the video below from Wieden + Kennedy London—the originators of the Off-On concept—shows, the project is about much more than simply asking people to turn off the lights, and then sending the money to Africa. Using clever, real-time screen savers hooked up to energy monitoring, as well as humorous, attractive signage, Off-On encourages employees at Wieden+Kennedy London to re-evaluate their relationship to energy use, and embrace a positive vision for what their actions can achieve.

Sure, saving energy for its own sake can be inspiring. And saving money for your boss can be a good thing too, I guess. But knowing that each time you turn off the lights, or power your computer down, you are funding life-changing technologies for kids across the world, now that is a truly engaging vision.

OFF-ON from Wieden + Kennedy London on Vimeo.

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