Home Is Where the Solar Address Light Is


Help the pizza guy find your house at night with the Solar Address Light from Smarthome. The interchangable 4-inch digits on the sign are visible from up to 500 feet at night, and the unit is weatherproof, so they'll keep shining, rain or, uh, shine. Four hours of sun will power it for three full nights, which is good news for our readers in places like Fairbanks, Alaska this winter, when sunrise and sunset both happen on your lunch break (just kidding). Seriously, though, when darkness descends, whether at 2pm or 10 pm, a built-in light sensor activates the illumination, and turns it off once the sun comes up again. In case your desired location for the unit isn’t in a spot with enough sunny goodness, the solar panel can be detached and placed up to eight feet away. $49.99 US. ::Solar Address Light via ::GearLog and ::The Uber Review