Home Depot Selling Solar to Mainstream America


The Home Depot has teamed up with BP Solar to provide solar installation service to customers. It is offering its customers the ability to sign-up online for free, in-home consultations. California is also getting ready to make solar roofs mainstream. Renewable Energy Access reports: "When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2007, SB 1, California's new state law that provides $3.2 billion in funding to build a million solar roofs over the next ten years, will officially take effect. But in order for SB 1 to succeed -- and the solar industry as a whole to continue to expand -- it's time to start marketing solar power as an accessible, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective product to the average consumer, according to California Senator Kevin Murray."


They go on to report:

The technology is already here and it's reliable, said Murray speaking at Solar Power 2006 in San Jose, but the message needs to be relayed to the general public that solar energy is not some future technology only celebrities or the extremely wealthy can afford.

"It's not a policy thing... Now we have to implement [SB 1] so that people begin to realize solar is something they can use everyday," said Murray, author of the Million Solar Roofs bill, which was signed into law as SB 1 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in August.

:: Home Depot's Solar Services via Renewable Energy Access

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