Holographic Solar: At Least 25% More Efficient!


In a demonstration in Japan, Holographic Solar was shown to increase the efficiency of solar cells by at least 25%. Prism Solar Technologies provided a "Gen-1" module for testing in Japan earlier this month. The module incorporates less than 12 cents (US) per watt of Prism's proprietary holographic optical material (not including glass) and achieved a 25% increase in power output over the cells themselves. The module was tested by a Japanese solar cell/module manufacturer and was conducted by engineers at the Japanese company's facility. The "Gen-1" module incorporates mono-facial cells and uses PST's Holographic Planar Concentrator (HPC) technology. Prism's core technology is based on holographic optics, which can use a variety of PV cells and can spectrally select the desired portion of sunlight allowing for "cooler" solar cell operation while maintaining an increased power output by concentrating specific solar wavelengths unto the cells. Through passive tracking, Prism's Holographic Planar Concentrator (HPC) technology can achieve higher output in the morning and late afternoon while reducing the amount of expensive silicon necessary in a module. Prism PV modules minimize the use of expensive solar cells in our modules but still maintain above average output.

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