Highgear Solarpod, A Snappy Little Solar Charger

Highgear Solarpod solar charger photo

Photo: HighGear

Ski magazine included this in their January list of "Stuff We Like", and it does seem kinda nifty. The SolarPod is a small, lightweight solar charger, than can fill its 3.7V 650 mAh Lithium-Ion battery in eight hours of direct sunlight, or four hours of USB connection. It comes with the usual array of connectors, so a multitude of mobile phones and digital devices can suck juice from the thing. But the aspect most appealing to me is the karabiner style clip, that allows it to be readily latched on to stuff.

Not so many years ago smartly designed solar chargers were hard to find. Now they seem to be popping up all over the show.In my 2005 review of the more stylish Solio solar charger, I lamented that it was very awkward to attach to a pack, while wandering about during the day.* The clips on the SolarPod help solve this problem.

Although it should be noted that the SolarPod has only 40% of battery capacity of the standard Solio. And 40% of the weight. You get what you pay for, for it is also about half the price of a Solio.

For more specifications head to :: SolarPod by High Gear.

* Better Energy Systems did later produce the Solio H1000, now called Rocksta, which has a karabiner clip, but it's underpowered compared to the Classic model.

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