Guard Your Garbage with Solar Power


Garbage is strange stuff; people are either trying to steal it or get rid of it where they shouldn't, so an unsecured skip or dumpster is a target. Ray Saluccio of EarthSure is an inventor with a garbage company, and has now invented a solar powered dumpster enclosure that protects the dumpster, powers lights, video cameras and emergency phones, and sells the extra power back to the grid. All using land that it othewise under-utilized, being filled with dumpsters. It's called the Solar Energy Enclosed Dumpster System (SEEDS) and is "engineered for the 22nd century."


Now one would hope that by the 22nd century we will understand that there really is no such thing as garbage, or we might have advanced enough that we didn't need to guard our dumpsters with video cameras, but we will write that off to boyish enthusiasm. After all,

Traditional solar panel installations are very expensive to install and demand a large area of building space to accommodate the panels. It is difficult for businesses to invest in solar energy systems when the return on the investment is questionable. SEEDS breaks down those barriers by utilizing property that is already dedicated to trash removal with a portable assemblage.

Space that is currently being utilized for trash removal now has added value. SEEDS can be situated anywhere a dumpster presently sits in the open. The dumpster enclosure further serves to prevent unwanted access to the dumpster while beautifying the appearance.



In a green world we probably wouldn't need dumpsters, since we wouldn't have garbage, just useful stuff that is composted, reused or recycled. But as long as we do, making them into little power stations makes some sense. More at Earthsure.
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