Green Garden Style: Solar Birdbaths and Fountains

The final touch on your garden of eden is a water feature. Whether it is a fountain or a bird bath or just a gentle cascade, nothing is more calming than the soothing sound of water on a hot summer's day. Now there is a range of solar powered, environmentally friendly water features which make wiring and running costs a nightmare of the past (see Treehugger). There is no need for expensive plumbing or long ugly cords in search of a plug at the wrong end of the garden. These fountains are all solar powered with solar panels which use the sun to make them work. This adorable little frog will spit out water continuously whilst the sun is shining and can sit on a ledge so that apartment dwellers can have some fun too. The "stone" birdbath is a traditional design; made out of resin. The water is continuously recycled and stored in its own reservoir and it uses solar energy to power the pump and filter. If you prefer the classical look of greek antiquities, there is a terracotta greek urn, gently spilling water into a bowl beneath. Paradise!