Google Ends Search For Corporate Alternative Energy Source


Via - headquarters of "Google Inc. will soon become one of the largest solar powered corporate office complexes in the U.S. by building a solar-powered electricity system at its Silicon Valley..." campus. This comes as no surprise to our regular readers. Reportedly, Google bought its new "Googleplex" campus for $319 million, where it is installing solar panels with a generation capacity of 1.6 megawatts, enough to supply about 30% of projected use at the administrative complex. C02 emissions reduction from the project is projected to be 3.6 million pounds/year (equivalent to 4.28 million car miles/year). "Pasadena-based EI Solutions, that forms a part of a high-tech incubator headed by entrepreneur Bill Gross, is handling the project". If anyone wants to keep track of the project, all they have to do is perform a google satellite map search...unless, of course, a security Dalek declares it off limits. For a 3-D view of the project look below the fold.


From the EI Solutions site: "To maximize energy output, the team assessed every available surface on the Google campus for its viability to hold solar photovoltaic (PV) cells. Eventually, more than 197,000 square feet on top of existing buildings and new parking lot shade structures (designed especially for the project) were fitted with cells using customized mounting hardware".