Global Off-Grid Party to Promote Solar for Poor Communities

global off-grid party photo

Image credit: Finding Infinity
Tumbling solar prices are creating a clean energy boom all over the world. But it's in poorer communities, often under served by traditional energy infrastructure, that solar can really make a difference. With solar now cheaper than kerosene in many rural communities, and pay-as-you-go solar removing upfront capital costs in Africa, we are already seeing exciting changes taking place. But how can you help? If you happen to be in Mexico, Norway, Australia or the UK, all you have to do is dance.

OK, so dancing alone won't create a clean tech revolution. But Finding Infinity claim that music sounds better when it is powered by the sun. That's why they are hosting a global off-grid link up of parties in Melbourne (Australia), Bergen (Norway), London (UK) and Playa Del Carmen (Mexico) this Saturday, with all proceeds going to establish solar projects in disadvantaged communities.

It's all part of a tour to promote clean energy that will see these film makers and activists traveling across the Globe to highlight new solutions for the technological and industrial revolution that is already underway. And, they claim, the tour itself will be using only renewable-powered transportation.

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