Getting Ready for Earth Day: Save Electricity with Solar Gadgets


With Earth Day fast approaching, TreeHugger has created a series of guides (all at a handy new site) full of quick, easy tips and tricks for helping our planet in preparation for the big day. We've mentioned ways to save energy at home before; today we'll take a peek at some of the ways that solar gadgets can help you cut back on electricity use.

1) The Eclipse Solar Gear Hybrid Notebook Case offers the ability to charge laptop computers, something we haven't seen before in solar chargers.
2) If gaming is your thing, check out the Solar Wii hack that lets you go outside and play.
3) Incorporating a little solar into your home is easy and not as cost-prohibitive as outfitting the whole place with panels; this $600 kit will help you take one room off the grid, for example.
4) Solar chargers, from the sleek Solio to this more powerful, folding model will help keep your cell phone, iPod, PDA and other hand-held electronics juiced up without plugging them in.
5) Solar bags like the Voltaic backpack and Solarstyle mini messenger bag give you on-the-go charging with room to keep your gear after it's charged.

Check out TreeHugger's How to Green Your Electronics and How to Green Your Electricity for more, and stay tuned for more Earth Day tips!

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