Germany Still Making the Most of Available Solar, Says Global Solar Report Card

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The Global Solar Report Card, published by Mikhail Gorbachev's Green Cross International and Global Green USA, once again gives top honors to Germany for its continued abundance of installed systems and the country's pro-solar policies that facilitate ease of installations. Think your country should have made the list? Keep reading to find out if they made the grade.In its second year, the Global Solar Report Card is the only country by country comparison of how governments are doing to facilitate solar installations and to take advantage of the solar potential that they each have. Not only does the report highlight installed kW or MW, but it is also being used to spur nations to learn from each other and do more.

Italy, China, Greece and Japan each made improvements over last year. California (not a country but with a GDP bigger than most) made second place with a B and Italy was hot on its heels with a B-: these two solar stars experienced an almost 400% increase in solar capacity. Future reports plan to include solar installations in developing nations, funding of projects by developed nations as well as removing barriers to installations.

Yet the report also highlights that we have a long way to go, particularly with only 16 countries represented and most earning no better than a C grade. According to Edward Norton, board member of Global Green USA, "Sadly, the report card points out that most nations still have a long way to go toward harvesting the full potential of solar as a clean, renewable energy source." Russia and Poland both received an F grade for focusing on other renewables and not providing any incentives for installing solar. So just how did everyone do overall?

Nation 2009 2008

Australia C- C

Canada D D

China D D-

France C+ C+

Germany A- A-

Greece C C-

India C- C

Israel D- D-

Italy B- C+

Japan C+ C

Poland F F

Russia F F

Spain C+ C+

Switzerland D- F

The United Kingdom D D-

The United States C+ C+

California B B

The report itself was weighted 30% on actual installed power and more heavily (70%) on whether governments have a long-term plan in place and how easily they facilitate future installations thanks to incentives and programs. Even with a top score, Germany (and all of the other countries included) are still considered in their infancy in terms of solar programs, with plenty of room for all to improve. You can see the entire report at Global Green Global Solar Report Card. :Global Green USA
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