General Motors Installs Solar Rooftops For Free


The New York Times is reporting that companies like General Motors are installing solar roofs on their buildings, but the company isn't paying for the installation. The NYT says:

Instead, G.M. and a small but growing number of other companies and municipalities are getting solar energy from systems installed by others. Even though the installations are right on their own roofs, they buy the electricity much as they would from a utility’s grid. And because the companies that paid for the systems will get a steady income, they can provide power from the sun at competitive electricity rates.

Since June, the roof of G.M.’s parts warehouse in Cucamonga, Calif., has been host to a photovoltaic array with the ability to generate as much as 1.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The installation, which G.M. expects will provide half of the building’s electricity, cost G.M. nothing.

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