General Motors Factory to Host World's Largest Rooftop Solar Array

Zaragossa factory photo

photo courtesy of General Motors

Yet another "world's largest" in solar power: General Motors has partnered with Clairvoyant Energy, Veolia Environmental and the Government of Aragon to install what will be the world's largest rooftop solar array on its Zaragosa, Spain assembly plant.

According to GM the array will be 12 MW in size and cover two million square feet and consist of approximately 85,000 panels. Installation is expected to be completed this fall. The space for the project will be leased from General Motors by Veolia Environment and Clairvoyant Energy, who will operate and maintain the installation. According to GM the project will help the corporation reduce costs, while at the same time providing green power to the local electric grid.
General Motors already opeates rooftop solar arrays on two of its California warehouses, which provide up to 50% of electricity used in these facilities.

The previous record holder in this fast changing category, and the reigning US champion, is the solar array on Atlantic City's convention center, which is a mere 2.36 megawatts.

via :: General Motors
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