Geegoot - Solar power to the ice cream people

Well this sturdy, no nonsense little number, might not be the fastest milk cart in the west, but it sure is a useful one. It is called a Geegoot and is designed by some good folks in Malaga, Spain. I am afraid I cannot enlighten you much further on the origins or design of the Geegoot as their website does not elaborate, but essentially from what I have gathered so far it is a solar powered fridge on wheels. It was originally designed as vehicle for selling ice cream and cold drinks along the beach. The main body is used for storing produce and the little roof, made up of photovoltaic cells, provides the solar power to keep the refreshments cold while at the same time providing shade for the seller and the consumer. We like the practical and economic design, with its white body giving plenty of opportunity for companies to customise their Geegoot cart. And we particularly like the fact that the guys at Geegoot are already coming up with other less commercial ideas for the cart. For example they suggest it could be used as a distributor of vaccines and medical supplies in emergency relief areas, with its robust design it can navigate rough terrain as well as the smooth esplanades of parks and beach resorts.::Geegoot [Leonora & Petz]