First Solar Thermal Plant Tied Into Coal Plant in US

Xcel Cameo Coal Plant Grand Junction Colorado Photo

Image via: Colorado Energy News

Last we heard, Abengoa Solar was creating the tallest solar tower, able to power about 10,000 homes. Now, they're mixing things up again, adding a solar thermal demonstration project at the Xcel Cameo Coal Fired Power Plant outside of Grand Junction, CO. What will they think of next? Abengoa is expected to break ground on the project this month and expects to have the solar system up and running by the end of this year. The demonstration project is part of an "Innovative Clean Technology" program created by Xcel, which awarded Abengoa with the funds to utilize parabolic trough concentrating solar power at the coal plant. It is predicted that the heat generated by the concentrated solar power will increase efficiency at the power plant, and generate electricity (plus "offset" carbon emissions from the coal plant). The solar system will generate 4 MW solar power, quite a large chunk of change. :Abengoa Solar
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