Emergency Solar Cooker Design Unfolds In Seconds

Designer Cheng-Tsung Feng came up with an interesting concept for a solar cooker that is ultra simple to assemble to be used in emergency situations.

Yanko Design states, "This humanitarian design aims to aid emergency situations varying from refugee camps to disaster areas by providing an easy way of heating food when electricity is unavailable. The compact Solar Cooker kit can be shipped in large quanities, and can be assembled easily by nearly anyone in a matter of seconds. Simply unfold the mirrored, metal dish to reflect concentrated sunlight to the included cooking pots to heat food quickly, efficiently and safely."

That's about as simple as you can get. While there are a lot of easy DIY designs for crafting a solar cooker, in an emergency you want something that is as fast and easy as possible. This design definitely covers those bases.

Of course, it won't solve a cooking problem in areas where sun is minimal, so for which disasters or emergencies it is useful for is somewhat limited. Yet, it is still an interesting design for sunny places.

Emergency Solar Cooker Design Unfolds In Seconds
In an emergency or disaster relief setting, you want something that is as basic to use as possible. This design is perfect for that.

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