Eclipse Solar Flare Messenger Bag

Summer’s a-comin’. At least it’s supposed to be. If you don’t want to be caught on the beach with a dead cell phone battery, get prepared now. Eclipse Solar Gear’s Reactor backpack (pictured in the extended post) offers similar functionality to the Voltaic Solar Backpack, a TH classic (for an extra $100 USD, the Voltaic looks cooler). This month, they release this solar messenger bag, which still charges a cell phone, PDA, or other electronics, but with an over-the-shoulder look. The charging module works with a standard 12V car socket, so there aren’t bizarro connections to worry about. It’s designed to carry a laptop, which is great, except that you’d naturally want it to charge said laptop. Alas, like the Voltaic, it doesn’t. Solar coolers, tackle boxes, and saddle bags are coming soon. $129 USD. Thanks to Ben Gray for the tip! ::Eclipse Solar Gear [by KK]

The Reactor Solar Backpack, also available in black.