Easy for Staples to go Solar

It is hard to think warm fuzzy green thoughts about Staples. As a big box retailer it did for small corner office supply stores what Wal-Mart did for everyone else; It sells vast amounts of throwaway plastic things, formaldehyde funiture and disposable electronics. On the other hand, they now sell 100% recycled paper, remanufactured ink jet cartridges and toners, and take back batteries. They also know a good deal when they see it: They now have a 433 Kilowatt, 74,000 square foot photovoltaic installation on their warehouse and all they supplied was the roof. They got a $1.7 million grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and then the local utility designed, installed and financed the rest of the system. Environment Vice Pres Mark Buckley says: "Through our relationship with solar services provider SunEdison, we're able to purchase solar energy off our rooftop at a rate below or equal to the cost of electricity off the grid. This reduces our operating costs while freeing up more electricity during peak times for use by local homes and businesses..."The solar power system is a win-win proposition for Staples and Connecticut. " My first thoughts were why Staples got to toot their horn, they weren't doing much here, but a commenter set me straight.
::Staples Press Release via Environmental Leader