DIY Solar Collector from Old Satellite Dish

Recycled Satellite Dish Becomes Solar Heater
The Rojas family are beginning to look like mad solar scientists out to take over the world with their accessible home energy projects. Yesterday I posted a video of Denise Rojas, host of Green Power Science, as she cooked an egg in 10 seconds using a fresnel lense. While I was checking out that video, I also came across the above work in progress by Dan Rojas, Denise’s husband and co-host, who is creating a giant solar collector using a discarded satellite dish. Dan reckons he’ll have the project completed in about a week, and we can’t wait to see what he does with it (Dan is also the guy who also brought us the solar space heater made from recycled campaign signs). We'll be sure to post an update when the project is completed. Click below the fold for more DIY solar projects on TreeHugger.

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