Desktop Charging Blossoms with Solar Sunflower

Shades of the ’60s! Call it flower power or solar power, by any name this sweet little device—a solar photovoltaic panel in the shape of a daisy blossom—brings a powerhouse of energy to your workspace, be it a desk, an easel or a drawing board. In fact, it offers such a range of charging choices for your electronic connectivity, from a mini-USB input to a USB output, you may forget you’re working in the Serengeti Desert or wherever.

Called the XD Design Solar Sunflower, the 10-centimeter (3.93-inch) blossom atop a 23-centimeter (9-inch) stalk and flowerpot represents a 5-volt (1000 mA, or 1 amp) charging station with a 2500 mAh (2500 milliamp hours, or 2.5 amps per hour) rechargeable lithium battery, which beats the socks off nickel-metal hydride batteries that typically have a maximum capacity of 2000 mAh. Or would, if batteries wore socks. Certainly it’s enough to charge your cell phone or MP3 player—and really, what else is essential to life in the 21st Century?

Two indicator lights show low battery and battery charged status. Two green leavesone on each side of the stalk—do nothing but remind one that this is a “sun” flower, if not actually a sunflower. For the horticulturally challenged, all sunflowers are daisies (Asteraceae), if not vice versa. The Solar Sunflower, a manageable 0.39 kg (13.75 ounces, or just under a pound, compared to the thousands of pounds for MIT’s version of a solar flower) also comes with a mini-USB charging cable, and the solidly plastic construction assures that your sunflower won’t wither or die if you leave it alone over the weekend.

From XD Design, the creators of useful products in whimsical shapes, sizes and colors that integrate seamlessly with the real world, and from the imagination of XD Design guru Ryan McSorley, this sturdy flower in black, white and verdant green—no soil and water needed—will bring a smile to even the sternest of visages. Try one on your boss.

The Solar Sunflower is available through for €59.50 ($78.40).

Desktop Charging Blossoms with Solar Sunflower
A solar photovoltaic panel shaped like a daisy blossom brings clean energy to your desk.

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