Could You Benefit from Going Solar? Get a Free Solar Appraisal from Geostellar

If you've ever considered adding some solar power to your home or business, but it all seems too complicated, there's a new online solar appraisal service that could help simplify things.

Geostellar launched their web solar power platform this week, allowing potential solar customers to evaluate the potential for installing a PV system on their property by connecting users with installers, financers, and solar goods manufacturers. The service currently covers select counties in California, Colorado, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and gives people the opportunity to navigate the ins and outs of adding solar power to their homes or businesses.

"Geostellar’s advanced 3D geo-mapping models sunlight down to the square meter - taking into account the slope and orientation of the roof and shadows from trees and nearby buildings - over the course of a full year to determine the energy-production potential of every property. Geostellar applies that data to determine the economic benefits of solar for each property based on system costs, electricity rates, incentives and usage patterns." - Geostellar

The service offers a scientific analysis of the potential energy that could be generated at specific locations, the savings users could expect to see, and the amount of carbon pollution that could be prevented if solar panels were installed there, and it's free and virtually instant. That means that users could explore their solar power options without having to make a cold call to a local solar company and then waiting for them to do an analysis and provide a quote.

"Geostellar makes the process of going solar as safe, available and affordable as booking travel, watching videos or socializing with friends online. Our installation and financing partners are best of breed, and committed to delivering the most value to the homeowner through their solar energy systems." - Geostellar CEO David Levine

Find out more, and get your solar energy analysis at Geostellar.

Could You Benefit from Going Solar? Get a Free Solar Appraisal from Geostellar
A new online market could make going solar much simpler.

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