C))motion: Useful and Fun Ideas That Run On Sunlight


There are all kinds of mechanically operated blinds and vents that need power to operate are are complex to build. Inventor Greg Blonder has a better idea: take the principle of the bimetal strip (found in thermostats) where bonding two materials of two different coefficients of expansion bend or change according to temperature; make it out of plastic: "a plastic analog of the bimetallic strip is possible- which I've named "c))motion". Plastics have ten times the expansion coefficient of metal, and thus exhibit ten times the range of motion for the same range of temperatures. Plastics can be colored, stamped, rolled out into sheets the size of football fields, never rust and are very inexpensive." Patent it and think of all kinds of useful and fun things to do with it. Think of a window with a blind that rolls down when the sun comes out ; a roof venting system that opens automatically when it gets warm; Schmoo and Scoop, two toys that don't do anything but move strangely in the sunlight. Watch the movies of them all at ::c))motion Designs