Cleantech Open 09 - Soltac Puts Everything You Need for Solar Cooking In a Bag

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Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch

Everyone loves a kit, and Soltac has put solar cooking in one tiny bag, creating a product that looks perfect for camping or disaster situations. The all-in-one CookSack looks like a big parabola with a pot in the middle when unfolded, and offers a fast set-up for solar cooking.

The CookSack's parabolic mirror "focuses sunlight on a thermally conductive pot filled with water to be used for purification, cooking or washing." The company also suggests it's a great item to have for emergency kits and disaster relief, and it does seem like a perfectly portable solution. However, the design is being "honed" so there's no word about how quickly it can heat a pot of water up, and currently the company isn't accepting orders for the product.

Also on display is the company's new solar oven. The device is being created with the intention that it will be used for at least 180 days out of the year, which would mean it could save over 50% of the fuel used, as well as improve local air quality.

soltac soloven photo

The device is shown heating naan - though considering we were inside, it wasn't doing much except illustrating that it is a good looking, compact device. There isn't anything terribly innovative about this product, and Soltac was involved in Cleantech Open's Business Competition, where honing their business plan more than their product was the goal, so we're assuming the price point (or at least some factor that makes it something better than what a person can DIY) will be a deciding factor for how it is received on the market.

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