Chambery inaugurates biggest solar farm in France

It is a well known fact that France is behind most european countries in terms of renewable energies development, especially electricity production. Of course the battery of french nuclear reactors provides more than needed for the country and neighbours. But it is not a secret to affirm that uranium is going to peak at some stage and frenchies have not proven to be reactive on the issue.Well, the town of Chambery shows one exception to the general french apathy on the matter. Louis Besson, mayor of that medium mountain town located in the French Alps, inaugurated last wednesday the biggest photovoltaic farm in the country. AFP reports : captors cover an area of 860 m2 and are due to generate 120.000 kWh per year. 20 percent of the energy produced will be used to fill water tanks, which is one the most efficient ways of storing electric energy : when the sun goes down, tanks can be emptied to classic water turbines to convert the energy to electricity, therefore providing constant energy production throughout the year. The other 80 percent will be sold to EDF, the national electricity provider. Cost of the factory is 530.000 euros , supported mainly by institutionnal partners, among which Europe plays the biggest part (56 percent). Did the french say "no" ?