CES 2009: Solar Powered Emergency Radio

solar radio voyager by kaito at ces 2009 photo

Photo by Jaymi Heimbuch

This little renewably powered radio caught my eye. Called the Voyager, it's a cool device for emergencies, and uses both hand crank and solar for charging.

Read on for features.Kaito makes a whole lot of outdoor items and radios, but this one really stood out. It's a weatherproof multiband radio that can also charge a cell phone and MP3 or iPod. It also has an LED flashlight, 5-LED reading lamp, and emergency light.

It can receive emergency weather alert signals, so is great to have on hand for weather disasters. It has Ni-MH batteries built-in to take the solar or hand crank charges, or it can be charged at an outlet.

Seems like a great way to utilize alternative energy for emergency situations...or just for taking on a camping trip.

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