Careers in Renewable Energy and Clean Tech: Advice from the Experts

Jobs in Renewable Energy: What Does it Take?
The US is not the only place where talk of a Green New Deal has sprung up as a result of the economic crisis we find ourselves in. The UK too has seen a healthy does of discussion around stimulus plans that might simultaneously create clean tech jobs and reduce carbon emissions. But what do these much touted green tech jobs look like? And how do you get in on all the action? The Guardian’s ever informative jobs site talked recently to three employees of TreeHugger favorites Solarcentury about what skills are needed in clean tech industries. Check out the video above for what they found out, or click below the fold for more on Solarcentury and careers in sustainability.
Happily for those of us who did not start out our careers (or studies) with a sustainability focus, perhaps the biggest take away from the above video is that it's more important to have a strong set of transferable skills and capabilities - be that in engineering, science, sales, PR or whatever else - than it is to have specific work experience in green industries. Having said that, these skills need to be backed up by a serious commitment to, and interest in, sustainability and renewable energy. So read up, join associations, make contacts and generally learn everything you can about what's going on in the world of green. I know a good blog that may be able to help...

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