Buy a Solar Cooker and Offset 1 Ton of CO2

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Solar Cookers International has come up with a new program just in time for the holidays that allows you to give a gift, help out someone less fortunate, clear the air of harmful emissions AND offset one ton of carbon dioxide. Just might be the best $50 you've ever spent this season.

Going on now, anytime you donate a Solar Cooker International CooKit system (just $50), the system will go to a family in a developing country and offset an estimated 1 ton of CO2. The best part: not only does it "offset" those emissions but it essentially eliminates them.

Open wood fire systems are very common in areas without gas or electricity - an estimated 2 billion people around the world use them - and yet these basic systems also produce a lot of deadly "black carbon" - the smoke that is generated from the burning wood. When these systems are inside of homes, they fill up the room with this smoke and the cook is forced to suffer. Family members are also affected and an estimated 2 million children die from respiratory illnesses partly due to these wood stoves. Scientists also estimate that this 'black carbon' is one of the leading causes of global warming, but also one of the easiest to eliminate.

Why is a Solar Cooker Better?

If you have ever used one, you can attest to the fact that those simple contraptions can get roaring hot and do more than just warm up your leftovers. Soup, potatoes, you name it, are no match for a solar cooker. For families cooking up pots of rice, beans or just heating up water, a solar oven offers them a free, reliable source of heat energy without any of the harmful side effects of a wood stove. The CooKit systems come with solar cooker, cooking pot, tips and explanations as well as a water indicator which tells when all of the deadly microbes have been boiled out of the water.

Instead of donating another hive of bees or flock of geese (not that there is anything wrong with that), why not go solar this holiday season. You can find out more about the CooKit campaign or solar cookers in general online at Solar Cookers International.

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