Build Your Own Solar Powered Toys: You Know, For the Kids


As we've seen with gadgets like the H-Racer, toys are a great way to get kids of any age excited about a green future. They get to play with toys, and parents get to sneak in a little education about renewable energy, sustainable technology, whatever. Courtesy of Ecogadget comes a collection of eight solar-powered toys and gadgets that you build yourself. Though they all encourage you to behold the power of the sun, it's quite a disparate list, from a helicopter to an amphibious vehicle to a windmill (what? Aren't those supposed to be wind-powered?!?), and a collection of kits and labs dealing with solar science and physics that have experiments and kits to teach kids about solar collection, heat, parabolic reflection and more. Each is available for purchase online; get more details at ::Ecogadget via ::Hugg

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