Brunton Solar Power for Personal Use

Whther you need to power up in the backcountry, or you’re an apartment dweller looking for alternative energy sources despite the inability to make permanent changes to your residence, the reliable outdoor gear gods at Brunton have appliances that can get and keep you going. The BattJack recharges AA or AAA batteries and is compatible with a solar charger, while the Solarport 4.4 and Solaris 25 allow you to charge up your gadgets, and combine up to three panels together to supercharge when you need it. Incredibly innovative Solarrolls come in various sizes for different needs—from trekking Annapurna to sea kayaking locally. They give you the power you need without the extra weight—or eventual leaking toxins—of batteries. And the company’s Solo personal power plants can be charged up via the sun ahead time, storing energy in order to act like mini-generators at home or away when needed. The site’s FAQ has loads of info about which gear will work with your gadgets. Thanks to John Fahey for the tip. ::Brunton [by MO]