Britain's First Solar Powered Town? Inspiring Story Continues (Video)

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When I wrote about an entire town's plan to go solar, and its incredibly ambitious short-term goal of generating 30% of its electricity from renewables by 2015, the response was enthusiastic. But what's so special about Wadebridge? How are they going about making this happen? How can other communties follow suit? A series of short videos aims to answer these questions and more. Check out the first installment:

As mentioned in my previous post on Wadebridge's solar initiative, these efforts have been made possible by the Government's generous feed-in tariffs for solar and other renewables. And while a subsequent Government review of feed-in tariffs to medium- and large-scale energy producers may put some of Wadebridge's more ambitious community-scale projects in jeopardy, it still seems fair to say that forward-thinking Government support of renewables has helped contribute to this push.

But it would be wrong to suggest that this is all about subsidies and economics. The efforts of Stephen Frankel and the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN) have shown just what can be achieved when you mobilize a community behind a shared vision and a collective sense of identity and innovation. And because a core part of WREN's mission is to feed the economic benefits of this effort back into the local community, and to provide a model for other communities to follow, it's easy to understand why they have already been enjoying such widespread community support.

With the UK government putting its weight behind legally-binding 50% CO2 cuts by 2025, I hope that this will be the first such story among many. This video is one in a series of four documenting WREN's efforts. We look forward to seeing more.

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