Boing Boing Blogger Tests Solar Gadgets in the Woods


Well this is a nifty idea -- even if it isn't quite going as expected. Joel Johnson of Boing Boing Gadgets has packed his bags (and they are heavy, he says) full of solar powered gear and gone native. The blogger is currently somewhere in Harriman State Park, one of the largest parks in New York, attempting to blog using only solar power and satellite internet.

The kink in his plans is a missing a connector, so his solar run may be short lived. Power is rapidly depleting on his Lenovo X300 laptop.


Among his products are: the Brunton Solaris 52 foldable solar panel (above) and the Brunton Solo 15 charger (below).


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Image top: Courtesy of Boing Boing Gadgets. Image middle, below, courtesy of Brunton.

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