Bioneers 2008: Solar-Powered Water Fountain a Great DIY Project

Bioneers 2008 Solar Powered Water Fountain Photo

This cool water fountain was at the center of the outdoor conference tents. Made of some unexpected reclaimed materials, it provided a nice place to sit and talk, as well as a DIY inspiration for a back-yard project.

Read on to see if it is something you might want to throw together in your own yard.The basin is made of a satellite dish repurposed for a much more pleasant gathering spot. Lining it is blue glass in a mosaic look.

The fountains are solar powered water pumps that float on the top of the water like lily pads. The moving water prevented mosquitos from making a nest of the fountain, and the renewable energy meant zero cords and zero fossil fuels.

And the basin is held in place by the bundled straw. According to the information attached to the fountain, it is a pretty basic and inexpensive set-up, and according to me and the others sitting around it, well worth the time to put it together.

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